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Lawyers, like everything else in life, come in all forms. Some are good. Others are bad, and a few are excellent. What are the signs of a good lawyer? You need an excellent lawyer if you want to win your case, but it’s not easy for people unfamiliar with the legal system to separate the wheat from the chaff. This doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a mediocre attorney, though. A little education coupled with the desire to be a good advocate for yourself can help you get what you need.

Divorce lawyers have seen it all, but one common theme in their work with clients is that parents tend to use their children to hurt one another. Florida, like most states, uses a best interests of the child standard to determine child custody, which means that both parents will almost always get some time with the child. Shared custody is increasingly popular, though, and offers numerous benefits to parents and their children. Unless there is a history of abuse or one parent is extraordinarily negligent, we advise parents to consider shared custody for the following reasons.

Spouses in Palm Beach County, Florida, and surrounding areas may be eager to get out of a bad marriage, but one question can leave you lingering in a miserable marriage for months, or even years: what about my kids? No one wants to subject their children to the pain of a divorce, but even worse is the risk of losing your relationship with your children altogether. You’re right to worry, since worry can spur you to make good decisions and hire a skilled lawyer. But the truth is that, unless you face some unusual circumstances, it’s highly unlikely you’ll lose your kids.

Decision making is a critical component of Divorce. When significant assets and children are involved, it is even more important that final decisions are mutually acceptable, provide room for variables and address the needs of all involved. For this reason, many couples choose mediation over traditional divorce litigation. Read more to learn about 7 Benefits […]

If there is ever a time to be rational and unemotional about money, it is during a divorce. In most instances, however, emotions take center stage during the divorce process. While this is certainly understandable, many of these financial decisions can dramatically impact the lives of the couple involved as well as their children and […]

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