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Time Sharing Visitation

Timesharing and Visitation Agreements in Florida Family Law Cases

Custody and visitation have evolved and changed over the years. We do not use the terms custody, visitation, or primary resident parent any longer. Parenting plans and timesharing agreements have replaced these terms. The Florida Legislature believed that revising the way parents and courts approach custody matters was in the best interests of the child. Therefore, lawmakers created Parenting Plans in 2008. However, many people continue to use the terms custody and visitation when discussing matters related to children.

The North Palm Beach custody attorneys of The Law Offices of Nugent Zborowski understand that matters pertaining to your children are sensitive and emotional. Call 561-844-1200 to schedule a consultation with one of our Florida family law attorneys. We want to help you find the best solution for you and your children.


What is a Parenting Plan and Timesharing Agreement?

The parenting plan and timesharing agreement provide the basis for determining the time each parent spends with a child. The guiding factor when drafting an agreement is the best interests of the child. In most cases, parents find that negotiating in good faith with the children as the top priority results in a parenting plan and timesharing agreement that satisfies and benefits the entire family.

Parents are expected to remain active participants in their child’s life unless there is a reason contrary to this expectation such as abuse cases. Children typically benefit from having both parents actively engage in their lives. Therefore, many parenting plans attempt to share time equally. However, equal timesharing is not always possible or efficient. The terms of the parenting plan depend on the parents and the children. In some cases, one parent may have more time with the child than the other parent because of employment, school, or physical residence. In some cases, the court may grant sole parental responsibility to one parent if it is in the best interest of the child.

Therefore, even though parenting plans and timesharing agreements should be amicable legal matters, many couples aggressively and stubbornly argue about custody and visitation. Because the amount of time each parent spends with the child is a factor in calculating child support, some parents litigate custody and visitation to avoid paying child support.

If your child’s other parent is fighting for a timesharing and parenting plan that is not in the best interest of your children, our North Palm Beach custody attorneys can help you develop a legal strategy that asserts your legal rights as a parent and protects your children.

What Factors are Used by Judges to Determine Timesharing in Florida Custody Cases?

If the parents cannot agree to a timesharing plan and parenting plan that provides for the needs and best interests of their child, the court intervenes to set the terms of the plan. Some of the factors a judge considers include:

  • The child’s preference;

  • Allegations of domestic abuse;

  • The physical and mental health of each parent;

  • Location of each parent’s residence;

  • Work requirements for each parent;

  • School and extracurricular activities of the child;

  • The relationship the child has with each parent; and,

  • Each parent’s financial situation.

None of the factors used to determine timesharing and parenting plans are simple. Our Palm Beach County custody lawyers thoroughly investigate each element to be a strong advocate for you and your child.


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