Child Support Attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens, FL


The state of Florida views a parent’s financial responsibility to a child as an ongoing duty, even though a parent may not reside with the child. When parents go through a divorce or an individual files a paternity action, child support issues are always a major factor in the case.


Child Support Attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens


The Palm Beach Gardens child support lawyers of The Law Offices of Nugent Zborowski work with clients to ensure a fair and just outcome under Florida’s child support laws. Call 561-844-1200 today to speak with an experienced child support attorney in Palm Beach Gardens.


Working With You to Calculate Child Support Under Florida’s Child Support Guidelines


Florida’s child support laws set forth specific guidelines for calculating child support. Even though the guidelines are specific in how a parent’s financial situation, timesharing, and costs of medical care, education, and childcare factor into the calculation of child support, parents often disagree on various issues, which leads to litigation.

Some disagreements may stem from the laws that allow judges to deviate from the standard Florida child support guidelines. Some situations that might warrant a deviation from the guidelines include:


  • Changes in a parent’s income because of seasonal work
  • Special needs expenses
  • Extraordinary expenses related to the child’s education or medical care
  • Children who have an independent income
  • The age of the child
  • Changes in the timesharing arrangement
  • The total resources and assets of both parents


Our Palm Beach Gardens child support lawyers, The Law Offices of Nugent Zborowski, work diligently to obtain the most current and accurate financial information needed to calculate child support payments for each party. Our goal is to help you achieve a fair and just outcome with the least amount of stress, time, and money involved in concluding your case.


Get the Help You Need With Your Child Support Case


Allow our Palm Beach Gardens child support attorneys defend your legal rights and protect the best interests of you and your child throughout the child support process. Through years of experience, we have developed successful strategies for winning child support cases. Put our expertise, resources, and experience on your side as you fight for the financial support you deserve, or you fight to pay a fair amount of support based on the facts in your case.


Enforcement and Modification of Child Support Obligations in Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Circumstances may arise that require court intervention to enforce child support obligations. When a parent falls behind in child support payments, it can cause an undue financial burden for the other parent, which can jeopardize the well-being of the child. We work diligently with the courts to hold a parent accountable for past-due child support payments and work to ensure that future payments are made on time.


In some cases, a change in circumstances may require a modification of child support payments. Proving a significant change in circumstances that warrants increasing or decreasing child support payments can be a difficult undertaking. Working with experienced Palm Beach Gardens child support attorneys who are proficient at seeking modifications of child support obligations can help you achieve the outcome you desire.


Contact Our Palm Beach Gardens Child Support Attorneys for More Information


At The Law Offices of Nugent Zborowski, we fight for the economic rights of you and your child. Our lawyers are skilled trial litigators and talented negotiators.


Please contact our office online or call 561-844-1200 to discuss your case with one of our Palm Beach Gardens child support lawyers.



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