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The Jupiter child support attorneys of The Law Offices of Nugent Zborowski are dedicated to achieving results that are in your child’s best interest. During a divorce or paternity action and afterward, issues related to child support often arise that require the assistance of a seasoned child support attorney in Jupiter. Our law firm defends the rights of parents and children in child support cases. As experienced Jupiter child support attorneys, we protect your rights as a parent while serving the best interests of your child.


Child Support Attorneys in Jupiter


To learn more about Florida’s child support laws, call 561-844-1200 to speak with one of our lawyers. We are committed to providing exceptional legal services through compassionate, confidential, and dependable representation.


How Does Child Support Work in Florida?


Our Jupiter child support attorneys, Matthew S. Nugent and Adam M. Zborowski, are well-versed in Florida’s child support guidelines and laws. Family court judges adhere to statutory child support guidelines when calculating child support obligations.

However, the information provided to the court can significantly impact those calculations. Judges are permitted to consider relevant factors that might result in a deviation from the standard child support guidelines. Therefore, parties often disagree about some of the information used to calculate child support. Hiring an experienced Jupiter child support attorney who meticulously reviews each factor used to determine child support is strongly recommended.

Factors used to determine the basic child support obligation according to Florida’s Child Support Guidelines are the combined monthly income of the parents and the number of children requiring support. Each parent is required to contribute a percentage of the child support obligation based on the parent’s percentage of income relative to the combined income of both parents.

Other factors that impact the amount of a parent’s child support obligation, including the parent’s timesharing schedule and expenses related to the child’s education, medical care, and daycare. In addition, the judge may deviate from the standard child support guidelines if the judge finds other relevant factors make it reasonable and necessary to do so.


Modifying and Enforcing Child Support Obligations


Unfortunately, a final child support order may not be the end of litigation related to support obligations. A parent may find it necessary to hire a Jupiter child support attorney to modify or enforce a current child support order.

Modifying a current child support order requires that the petitioning party demonstrate a significant change in circumstances that would warrant a modification in child support payments. For instance, temporary unemployment may not meet the requirements for a significant change in circumstances, but permanent and total disability might be sufficient for a change in child support payments.

If a parent falls behind on his or her child support obligations, the child may suffer because of the financial burden placed on the parent receiving support payments. Our Jupiter child support attorneys aggressively pursue cases involving enforcement of child support orders as we fight for the financial security of your child.


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Child support laws can be complicated and difficult to understand. Our Jupiter child support lawyers explain your legal rights and your child’s legal rights in understandable terms so that you can decide the best way to proceed for you and our child. Our lawyers and staff offer the compassionate, trusted support and guidance you need as you fight for your child’s best interests.


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