Appealing a Divorce Case

Divorce and Child Custody cases are difficult and expensive.  When you fight for your children or finances in a Florida divorce court you expect the judge to follow the law.  But this doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes judges make mistakes or are biased.  The problem is that when a judge errs or is biased they can alienate people from property, parents from children, and force you from your house to the poor house.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  When a judge makes a mistake or is unfair you have the right to seek correction from Florida’s appellate courts.  The most important thing you can do is timely arm yourself with knowledge to ensure your appellate rights are protected.

The Florida Divorce & Child Custody Appeals Lawyers Of Nugent, Zborowski & Bruce Have specifically designed to educate you about your appellate options.

How to Get Started

When you feel that a Florida divorce court judge has issued an erroneous decision or has displayed an improper bias you have the ability to ask a Florida appeals court to review your case to determine if the trial judge’s decision should  be changed.  The first thing you need to do is arm yourself with information to determine whether it is possible (or worthwhile) to challenge the judge’s ruling in your divorce or child custody case.

Before you go too much further, or throw more of your hard earned dollars at lawyers, you should review the Florida Appeals Overview  section at The Florida Appeals Overview lays out most all of the information you need to know about appeals, with links to specific pages on this website dedicated to explaining and answering the most frequently asked questions about the particular topic.

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After reviewing the Florida Appeals Overview and topics on the Divorce Appeal Guide on this website you should be better position to intelligently evaluate whether or not you should pursue an appeal of the judge’s ruling in your case.  At this point, you should either speak with your current family law attorney or contact an appellate lawyer well versed in Florida’s laws pertaining to divorce and child custody issues.

You can call (561) 844-1200 or click here for more information about scheduling a consultation and strategy session with the Florida Divorce & Appellate lawyers of Nugent Zborowski & Bruce.  The firm’s practice is limited to divorce and family law and represents clients in all of Florida’s appellate courts with fixed-fee pricing arrangements and a limited money back guarantee.  During the consultation and strategy session, which can be done by phone or video-conference, one of the firm’s divorce and appellate lawyers will review the ruling in your case and inform you of your options going forward.