The Palm Beach Divorce Lawyers of Nugent Zborowski & Bruce recently observed an interesting headline related to post-divorce litigation in New York.  The headline stated “Ex-Wife’s Thirst for Litigation Leads to Sanction” (click here for the article).

In the New York case, the former wife was attempting to set aside a divorce settlement agreement giving her approximately 7 million dollars for various reasons.  The former wife’s efforts to set aside the divorce settlement involved filing multiple differant lawsuits, concluding with an 81 page lawsuit that named 23 different defendants!

Instead of having her divorce judgment set aside, the New York judge on the case sanctioned the former wife for frivolous litigation, stating: “[Former Wife’s] unrelenting thirst for litigation despite this case having concluded over six years ago by the filing of a judgment of divorce, demonstrates her intention to use the courts as a continued means to harass the [Former Husband] and others…” .

What is the moral of the story?  If you play games in court you will have to pay the price!  The above case was decided in New York, but Florida’s laws on attorney’s fees allow judges the discretion to punish litigants who initiate or prolong litigation by acting in bad faith.

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