What is a Timesharing Schedule?

If the parties cannot agree, most Judges in Palm Beach County will order a timesharing schedule called “model timesharing.” There are essentially three “model” timesharing schedules, each of which can be accessed by clicking the links below:

  • Model Timesharing Schedule where parents reside within 45 miles of each other.
  • Model Timesharing Schedule §when parents reside within the same geographic area but are more than 45 miles apart.
  • Model Timesharing Schedule when one parent resides out of state.

What is timesharing?

“Timesharing” is the legal term that Florida recently created to describe the amount of time that each parent spends with a child following a divorce. In the Florida Statutes “timesharing” replaces what used to be referred to as “custody” or “visitation.”

The reason behind going from the terms of “custody” and “visitation” to “timesharing” is to reflect that most parents (ideally) “share time” with their children with the other parent and do not merely “visit” their child.

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