Are parents required to pay for health care and medical expenses?

How is the cost divided?F.S. 61.13 mandates that all child support orders contain an agreement for the child’s health care coverage, assuming coverage is available to either parent. If both parents have reasonable plans, the court will determine which plan best suits the needs of the child. The court must allocate the cost of any health insurance plan by adding it to the central child support obligation. A notice should be included in the final judgment which requires the parent responsible for providing the health insurance to present evidence of said insurance to the court. The parent obligated to provide the health care coverage should also provide needed insurance cards and coverage information to the other party.Non-covered health expenses are also added onto the basic child support obligation, such as dental care, orthodontics, or prescription drugs for the child. The statute does not specifically mention what should be included in expenses. It is up to the trial court to determine what is a reasonable and necessary uncovered medical expense.

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