West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer Matthew S. Nugent observed the following case from Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal:

Case:               Hammad v. Hammad

Court:             Fifth District Court of Appeal.

Trial Judge:   Hubert L. Grimes.

Attorneys:      Bradley S. Sherman, Ivan K. Clements, Jr..

Issues:             Alimony, Attorney’s Fees.

Holding:          Alimony awards made under final judgment must be based on the factual findings required under statute. Attorney’s fees ordered under final judgment must be based on the court’s factual findings regarding the parties’ respective financial need and ability to pay. In this case, the trial court erred in ordering the former husband pay to the former wife durational alimony and seventy-five percent (75%) of her attorney’s fees without making the requisite findings of fact. The matter was remanded for consideration of both issues.

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