Nearly all family law practitioners will eventually be confronted with a case where the parties do not agree on parental responsibility and timesharing and it becomes necessary to begin evaluating a forensic psychologist’s report.  When evaluating a forensic psychologist’s report it is not enough for the family law practitioner to be familiar with the Family Law Rules of Procedure and Chapter 61.  To conduct an effective cross examination, the practitioner must also have a thorough understanding of Florida Administrative Code § 64B19-18.007.  This code section cannot be ignored as it governs the scope and methodology a psychologist is required to follow when conducting a court ordered parenting plan evaluation.

The Commentator, a publication of the Florida Bar Family Law Section, recently published an article on the rules governing a forensic psychologist’s report.  The article was authored by Christopher R. Bruce, a West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer and partner of Nugent Zborowski & Bruce.

To read the article, click Christopher R. Bruce’s Forensic Psychology Article.  Also, click Child Custody Center for more information on the child custody issues inherent to Florida divorce and family law cases.

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