Do I need a divorce lawyer in a divorce mediation in Florida?

You do not have to have a divorce attorney in a divorce mediation however often the spouses find it is helpful when the mediator has a solid understanding of laws governing dissolution of marriage in Florida because the starting point for many divorce settlement offers is what each party would receive under Florida Law if they were to have their marital affairs determined and resolved by a judge.

Oftentimes the mediator in Florida Divorce Mediation is a Florida Divorce Lawyer, a retired Florida Divorce Court Judge, or an attorney that is familiar with Florida’s Divorce Laws.

That said, there are a number of highly effective divorce mediators that are not licensed divorce attorneys. Over time, these non-attorney mediators have developed a solid understanding of relevant Florida Laws in addition to an exceptional understanding as how to “massage’ the psychological factors that encourage spouses to reach settlement.

Florida Divorce Mediation can be accomplished without an actual mediator. Plenty of spouses resolve their marriages through settlement conferences with their attorneys at a law office. Certain spouses are able to sit in the same room with their attorneys while settlement terms are negotiated. In other situations a Divorce Mediation can take place between two lawyers and one spouse, with the other spouse being in another room.

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