Boca Raton Divorce & Family Law Guide for 2012

The Boca Raton Divorce Lawyers of Nugent Zborowski & Bruce bring to you this guide for Boca Raton residents dealing with or contemplating filing a divorce or family law case (including a paternity or child custody case) in 2012.

First, all divorce and family law cases for residents of Boca Raton will be filed in Florida’s 15th Judicial Circuit, which covers all of Palm Beach County, Florida.  All court proceedings involved with a Boca Raton divorce or family law case will take place at the South County Courthouse, which is located at 200 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444 (click here for driving directions).

Currently, there are three judges at the South County Courthouse who preside over Boca Raton divorce and family law cases: Judge Martin Colin; Judge  Rosemarie Scher; and Judge James Martz.  Additionally, Magistrate Diane Kirigin and Magistrate Sarah Alijewicz  are assigned to the South County Courthouse to handle post-judgment issues including modification of child support.  Each Judge’s and Magistrate’s biography, contact information and divisional instructions can be accessed by clicking the name of each Judge and Magistrate above.

Self Help resources for those people who choose to handle their Boca Raton divorce or family law case on their own without an attorney can be found here.  These Boca Raton “self help” resources allow Boca Raton residents low cost access to model forms for filing a Divorce Petition, Marital Settlement Agreements, and other motions during their divorce or family law case.

The South County Courthouse also has an alternative dispute resolution center that has mediators who can help settle a Boca Raton divorce or family law case.  Information on the alternative dispute resolution center is available here.

The Boca Raton Divorce Attorneys at Nugent Zborowski & Bruce have developed a website that addresses answers to the most commonly asked questions involved with a Palm Beach County Divorce.  Click the following links for information on General Divorce Questions; Splitting Property (Equitable Distribution); Alimony; Child Support; Child Custody (Timesharing); and Attorney’s Fees.  The firm also has a Child Support Calculator and an Expert’s Guide on Florida Matrimonial Law.

For more information, call 561.844.1200 or click here to speak to an attorney with Nugent Zborowski & Bruce about your Boca Raton divorce or family law case.