If you answer yes to even one of these questions your spouse may be abusing your child.

Does your child:

  • Never seem to want to come home?
  • Seem excessively passive or withdrawn?
  • Seem as though he/she is always preparing for something bad to happen?
  • Consistently say he/she does not like your spouse?
  • Have trouble sleeping?
  • Often speak of running away?
  • Have bruises, burns,  and or scratches he/she cannot explain?
  • Demonstrate sexual knowledge beyond what is expected for his/her age?

Does your spouse:

  • Show little concern for your child?
  • Blame your child for his/her problems at school or at home?
  • View the child as insignificant and or burdensome?
  • Seem excessively overbearing?
  • Demand a level of physical or academic performance beyond your child’s level?

Do your spouse and your child:

  • Rarely touch or look at each other?
  • Rarely do “fun” activities together?