What are the advantages of Divorce Mediation over Divorce Litigation?

The advantage of Divorce Mediation is it allows the parties to resolve all issues of their Florida Divorce Case according to their own terms. Divorce Mediation allows spouses to be creative with splitting property, sharing time with their children, and determining any terms of spousal or child support. Further, spouses are more likely to comply with the terms of a settlement agreement reached through Florida Divorce Mediation than they would be with a divorced determined by a judge after a trial. Moreover, overburdened divorce court judges simply do not have the time or motivation to come up with a court order that contains the carefully thought out details of a settlement agreement that can be reached through Divorce Mediation.

Furthermore, Divorce Mediation is a more financially efficient process than divorce litigation. The cost of each spouse hiring a competent divorce lawyer to review their financial and family situation for purposes of creating a fair agreement based on Florida Law is much less than the cost of having that same lawyer spend several months conducting depositions and 50 to 100 hours preparing for and attending a 1-3 day divorce trial at an hourly rate of $300-$500 per hour.

Finally, Divorce Mediation is a much more peaceful process than divorce litigation. Instead of spouses working against each other as “litigation opponents” they are working together with each other for the purpose of resolving their marital affairs. Divorce litigation breeds “conflict” while Divorce Mediation facilitates “solutions”. This is especially important when children are involved asboth spouses will need to work together after their marriage is over for the benefit of their children. This is much harder to do after both spouses have incurred the high cost “emotional and financial cost” of divorce litigation.

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